Who we are

Our mission is to promote products that respect the right balance between taste and wellness, enhancing local excellences, history and traditions, advancing an aware and responsible lifestyle and consumer behavior.

In order to achieve our mission, we connect producers and consumers, creating a great opportunity to grow for the first ones, and ensuring accessibility and awareness to the seconds.

We also have a big ambition: support the cooperative and collaborative model to contribute to the growth of the nominal capital, the social – economic- environmental sustainability and the development of local communities.

“Scialari”: sicilian expression to underline satisfaction and wellbeing for something tasted with pleasure, maybe also for the first time, and that tickle our senses, satiating our desire.

We want make you feel that way consuming our products.

Products that came from Sicilian cooperative companies and producers which aim to a healthy, sustainable, etic ad innovative world.

Scialari offers traditional Sicilian handmade products, realized by local cooperative companies and producers, respecting seasonality and traditional knowledge, in an innovative and sustainable way.

We chose as priority to safeguard characteristics, seasonality and tradition, at the expense of quantity and continuity. For this reason, our products are not always available and they change according to seasons and production.

Thanks to this vision, we are able to bring to your table, everywhere in the world, our typical productions and recipes, adding some easy instructions to get back our grandparents’ healthy and sustainable traditions

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