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ORANGE DELIGHT Descrizione Ingredienti Description Ingredients

Sweet creams, jam and honey


The sweet side of aubergines grown in the Sicilian sun in a cream that combines 70% aubergines with the precious properties of honey and orange. A unique sweetness for refined palates in search of refined and surprising flavors, perfect in the meeting of semi-seasoned cheeses or to be enjoyed on a crunchy bruschetta, which will enhance its flavor to the highest levels. Excellent in combination with cold cuts, but also in the preparation of tasty savory pies and as an accompaniment to second courses of meat. Made only with aubergines whose cultivation is followed step by step, from the seedling to the fruit, by local farmers.

Peso nettoNet weight: 100 g
Weight: 0.30 kg


Did you know?...

Lemon delight is an unusual jam because it adapts to sweet and savory preparations. One should not be fooled by the fact that there are eggplants, which are usually used to prepare savory recipes. The aubergines, in fact, are also perfect for the preparation of sweet recipes. The sweetness / acidity of aubergines and lemon marries wonderfully with pork, creating an explosion of flavors and leaving the palate with a pleasant sensation! The combination of aubergine and lemon will also appeal to the youngest. Carob seed flour (E410) is a natural substance obtained from carob seeds, a tree grown in the Mediterranean region and is used as a thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer and gelling agent in the production of jams, baked goods and ice cream.



Eggplant (76.5), sugar, orange juice and peel, lemon juice, thickener; carob flour (E410)



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A Sicilian expression used to indicate a sense of satisfaction and well-being about something tasted with pleasure, maybe also for the first time, and which tickles our senses, satisfying our desire.


And that’s our goal: to satisfy our client with products from a network of cooperatives and producers acting in the Sicilian territory that wants to look at the world in an innovative, sustainable, healthy and ethical way.