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PASTE DI MANDORLA ALL€™ARANCIA Descrizione Ingredienti Description Ingredients

Cookies, chocolate and sweets Bio Gluten free


The irresistible almond sweets of the Sicilian tradition enriched by the aroma of our oranges. To prepare these desserts, high quality organic ingredients were used, handcrafted, as tradition dictates.
Thanks to fair trade cane sugar, they are perfectly balanced in their sweetness. To best preserve their aroma and consistency, the sweets are individually wrapped.

Peso nettoNet weight: 160 g
Weight: 0.19 kg


Did you know?...

The orange almond paste is a sweet that offers the intense taste of almonds which goes perfectly with the aroma of Sicilian oranges. Excellent to be enjoyed after meals, it brings to the table and the palate the flavors and aromas typical of the lands of the Sicilian island. Precious for our health and beauty, almonds have many virtues: they contain unsaturated fatty acids, ie "good" fats, proteins, vitamins (E, A and group B) and mineral salts. Almonds have a positive effect on the entire cardiovascular system since they regulate cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent the formation of plaques in the blood vessels, reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack. By making potassium they are also able to help regulate blood pressure. The mineral salt content of almonds reinforces bones, teeth, nails and hair and counteracts osteoporosis thanks to calcium. Almonds also have anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the omega-3 content. To fully enjoy the properties of almonds, it is recommended to take about 20-30 grams (15 almonds), preferably by eating them without removing the brown skin, which contains many of the nutrients and without exceeding this dosage, because they are highly caloric foods.



Sugar, Almonds, Honey, Orange Essential Oil

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A Sicilian expression used to indicate a sense of satisfaction and well-being about something tasted with pleasure, maybe also for the first time, and which tickles our senses, satisfying our desire.


And that’s our goal: to satisfy our client with products from a network of cooperatives and producers acting in the Sicilian territory that wants to look at the world in an innovative, sustainable, healthy and ethical way.