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DOUGH FOR ALMONDS MILK Descrizione Ingredienti Description Ingredients

Cookies, chocolate and sweets Bio Gluten free


A fragrant stick to prepare a velvety and thirst-quenching organic almond milk. With this preparation you can find the scent and flavor of an ancient Sicilian tradition in just a few steps. Organic and selected Sicilian almonds combined with the right amount of fair trade organic cane sugar to make a refined and velvety taste drink, simple and quick, to sip all year round. Useful for making slushes, puddings, cakes, ice cream and almond creams.
Peso nettoNet weight: 200 g
Weight: 0.22 kg


Did you know?...

The tradition of almond milk in Sicily has distant origins. It is a highly energetic drink since it is a real almond concentrate and was consumed in all cases where the body needed to receive a high energy intake. The almonds were peeled, peeled and pounded in a mortar. The resulting mixture was then placed in a linen handkerchief which acted as a filter. Subsequently, the handkerchief was immersed several times in water until a white liquid similar to milk was obtained.



Fair trade cane sugar & deg;, Sicilian almonds * (35%). & Nbsp; * From organic agriculture & deg; Fair trade

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A Sicilian expression used to indicate a sense of satisfaction and well-being about something tasted with pleasure, maybe also for the first time, and which tickles our senses, satisfying our desire.


And that’s our goal: to satisfy our client with products from a network of cooperatives and producers acting in the Sicilian territory that wants to look at the world in an innovative, sustainable, healthy and ethical way.