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HADRIANUS WINE Descrizione Ingredienti Description Ingredients

Beer, oil and wine


Red grapes.

The "Nerello Mascalese" is not by chance for its powerful taste called "Hadrianus - The Wine of the Emperor" with all the strength of Etna and tradition

Peso nettoNet weight: 750 ml
Weight: 1.42 kg


Did you know?...

Wine is the alcoholic beverage that not only represents for centuries, in Mediterranean culture, an important completion of the meal, but plays an important role (together with the use of olive oil and the wide use of vegetables) in the protective effects of Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular diseases. In fact, the complex relationship between the consumption of alcoholic beverages and health has been enriched in recent years with aspects that are in some ways unexpected. In addition to confirming the negative effects of high alcohol consumption, recent studies have shown how daily but moderate consumption of this drink can reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease and, more generally, cardiovascular disease. Numerous scientific studies have highlighted the fact that red wine seems to have protective effects, as it contains antioxidant substances that are released from the skins of the berries and seeds, which as is known in white winemaking are immediately separated from the must which is left to ferment without the solid parts of the grapes. The chemical analysis carried out on wines has made it possible to identify some substances believed to be responsible for this protective effect: polyphenols in particular and among them epicatechin and quercetin and a minor measure of trans-resveratrol because it is contained in insignificant quantities and in any case limited compared to the previous two. Based on these elements we can argue that our red wines play a protective role in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. In numerous in vitro studies, it has been shown that the phenolic compounds of wine are capable of modulating the resistance to oxidation of human LDL and it is current opinion that the oxidative modification of LDL represents one of the pathogenetic bases of atherosclerosis. In conclusion, the moderate use of red wine must be encouraged in the adult population (without liver diseases or in which alcohol is not contraindicated) as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet.




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A Sicilian expression used to indicate a sense of satisfaction and well-being about something tasted with pleasure, maybe also for the first time, and which tickles our senses, satisfying our desire.


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